Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mail Day = Happy Day ! the 2nd official posting should be a little more enticing, maybe with a sexy title but it's been resonating in my brain for a few days, weeks now.  It happens around 3pm, almost like clock-work--THE MAIL!  The usual junk mail like bills, ads, car wash coupons appear,  but then it leads to, football, basketball cards!  Usually disguised in a manilla/yellow bubble wrap envelope.  It happens AT LEAST once - twice a week (sometimes more :)    It's kind of like a mini-Christmas when it happens.  I hate to sounds materialistic--but you get the point!  Anyhow, today is just another example of my "mini-Christmas" and I just had to share.... nothing fancy, but gotta love 1/1' the Dwight Howard auto/jersey! The Biggio is a Fan favorite of mine, gotta have a Kyrie Auto, as well as a Robinson auto (for mi amigos to the west) and speaking of FUEGO--how about Abreu auto.  Anyway--ALL IN ONE day, gotta LOVE it!  This is not the norm of course, but gotta LOVE MAIL-DAY!!!

On a side bar, gotta love day, R & R day, and of course a day dedicated to GOD (in addition to MON-SAT)!

Feel free to share, comment, etc., and remember, all cards are up for trade and / or sale!