Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Just Got Real!

Hello to the Blogger-sphere!  After much delay and procrastination I've FINALLY decided to share my experiences, as have many of my fellow "sports card fanatics,"  and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!   Since this is my first (of many) post I'll keep it brief. 

First, a little about ME: In life my motto is God, Family, Fun!  I'm a Christian in faith, and hoping to maintain a strong relationship with Christ on a daily basis.  Let me add that I'm human, so I make about 5-10 mistakes a day, but getting better ;)   I am a travel agent during the day, and crazed sports fanatic at night/weekends!   I'm a proud father of 3 girls (7, 12,  and 14) and boy (9), a beautiful wife,  one dog (female) , and one cat (female). There you have it, we are a house ran by WOMEN!   The solution....SPORTS CARDS.  My son and I venture to a few shows a year and boy has it been a blast!  The bonding experience alone is well worth it.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE going to the Emblem3 concerts and Disney on Ice events with the girls, but cards have always been my passion! all started in 1986.   Of course I LOVE baseball ever since I could remember, playing baseball at age 5 (1980) until my senior year in high-school.   Anyhow, I remember that moment--like it was just yesterday.  I was sitting in the living room, watching the Astros Vs. Reds , while looking at a spread of different baseball cards.  Then the announcer (Bill Brown or Larry Derker, I think) were talking about a "hot rookie" named Eric Davis. Prior to this moment, I only saw cards as a means of learning statistics (math nerd here) and keeping up with teams/players/etc.  Then the blinders came off, as they held this Eric Davis Topps Rookie card and mentioned that if you had this card, it's as good as having $20 in your pocket!  I thought, wait, what--I think I have that card.  I quickly searched the many stacks of cards, until at last....there she was....a clean, mint, pristine, ERIC DAVIS RC card.  I'm not sure why, but I was somewhat overwhelmed with joy, as I had something of great value, and prior to that moment, I had no concept of the value of cards.  Now, I wasn't thinking, 'hey, let me sell it right away for $20,' but rather, 'hey, I'm hanging on this because the TV guy said it could be worth a LOT of money in a few years!'  It was the thought of having something that was "SO" valuable, and it only cost me 50 cents or $1 to get it, and in a few years it could be worth $100's--how could it be.  Anyhow--that's when my passion for collecting started.  I wish I could say that "it was never about the money," but I'd be lying if I did.  It's morphed into collecting for different reasons.....I mean, I loved (and still do) collecting for the sheer joy of getting some personal favorites (i.e. Jose Cruz, Nolan Ryan, Kevin Bass--now Andre Johnson, Brian Cushing, JJ Watt), but I also like the BIG hits.  I mean, who doesn't right!?  And if the price is right--they are ALWAYS available for sale or trade!

Later I learned that I would have TWO collections in life--#1 my personal collection and #2 EVERYTHING else.  I have very few attachments when it comes to cards and/or memorabilia, but the few that I have are not for sale/trade--correction--will NEVER be for sale/trade.   

Ok, so this is blog #1 of 1,325,526 (hopefully) in the books.  I think Ebay sellers would consider this an  Ebay 1/1 !!!  I hope you enjoyed it, many more to come, and may God's blessing be with you!

 Please feel free to comment, please keep it clean, and YES, I'm always down for trading, maybe buying, definitely selling :)


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