Friday, June 20, 2014

International Stardon = Success on the Big Stage ??

I recently did a card show in Houston (Tri-Star), and I had a lot of buyers clamoring over the "hot" cards in the Big 3 (baseball, basketball, and football--sorry Hockey, didn't make the cut).  Now, 3 weeks later I reminisce on that weekend, and there is one thing that I can't quite get out of my mind....Masahiro Tanaka--why are you not getting the publicity you deserve.

International players are almost immediate successes, for the most part (especially if they can maintain good numbers).  Now, after they've been in their respective sport for a year or two, they are quickly deemed as HITS or MISSES.  Yao Ming was a hit, especially in Houston, but lacked full potential due to injuries.  Ichiro is one of the BIGGEST success from the International market.  His numbers have been outstanding for numerous years; thus his 'card value' has been consistent with some of the other greats in the game.  Most International stars it seems get an initial buzz, then it dies off quickly, and depending on how well they do within the next year or two--their card value follows.  Remember the pitching phenom Kei Igawa from either!?!?!  Well, he was dubbed the next GREAT pitcher for the Yankees, since they were  not fortunate enough to "win" the Dice K sweepstake, so they paid him a whopping $46 Million ($26M was posting fee).  Well he played two whopping years with a 2-4 W/L record and a whopping 6.66 era.  Ok, so it doesn't always pan out, but who cares, the Yankees have all the money in the world, right????

That's leads me to my initial question/thought--why are the International 'flavors of the month' getting all the hype, except for Mr. Tanaka!?  Puig came from Cuba, swinging for the stars, and is one of the most sought after cards.  Abreu is the newest member of Cuban defects, and is equally sharing the lime light.  Pitchers are definitely at a premium and it's hard to find ones that are solid, at that.  That is all Tanaka has been!!!  Now, I'm not a Yankees fan, so the excuse that I'm a homer is out the window.  I'm merely a baseball purist, I  love the game for what it is, and Tanaka has been nothing but stellar.  He gets no love from collectors at the shows, so here it is.....Tanaka, you get MY vote for ROY and MVP!

For those of you who do not agree with me, politely tell me why :)


He's 11-1, 1.99 era, and 16 W versus 113 SO---his numbers are just plain SICK!!!

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless!


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